Perfecxa Fetal Doppler

Series no. FD620C

Seeking for a fetal doppler supplier in Delhi NCR? Then you are at the right place. Here you get perfexa fetal doppler to listen your baby's heartbeat during prenatal stages? That happy moment of your life is here, when there's another life growing inside you. How would it be to hear its heartbeat? That's what Perfecxa Fetal Doppler does. It lets you listen to your baby's heartbeat during prenatal stages. As you hear your baby's heartbeat with your partner, it takes you one more step closer to him.

Safe and totally professional, Perfecxa Fetal Doppler is totally risk free. So, smile as you hear your baby's heartbeat. To get your hands on the most efficient Fetal Doppler, choose Vertech Health Solutions - one of the best Fetal Doppler Suppliers in Delhi NCR.

Technical Specification

  • Product NameFetal Doppler
  • Dimension135mm* 95mm*35mm
  • Net Weight500gm
  • DisplayColor Digital LCD
  • Display Range >50-230bpm(+2bpm)
  • Total Germ Quantity:<1000 units
  • Acoustic Velocity1520-1620m/s
  • Acoustic Impedance1.5-1.7x106 Pa.s/m
  • Acoustic Attenuation <0.05dB/(cm.MHz)
  • ViscosityWorking frequency of ultrasonic is 2.0MHz;(2.5MHz and 3.0MHz optional),+10% nominal standard
  • PH Value 5.5-8
  • Operating Altitude <2000m
  • Integrated sensitive 200mm distance from probe integrated sensitive>90db
  • Working frequency 2.0MHz
  • Performance Parameter >15Pa.S
  • Accuracy50kg: ±0.3kg; 100kg: ±0.4kg; 150kg: ±0.5kg;
  • Working Environment
    • Temperature: +50C~+400C
    • Humidity: 25~80%
    • Atmospheric Pressure:70-106KPa
  • Transport & Storage Environment
    • Temperature:+50C~+450C
    • Humidity: 9-85%
    • Atmospheric Pressure:50-106KPa
  • Power Source4.5V (2 x Ni-MH Batteries)
  • Accessories1. 2 x Ni-MH Batteries 2. User Manual 3. Fetal Doppler probe 4. Charger
Box Contents
1 Fetal Doppler with probe, 1 Ni-MH battery, 1 User manual, 1 Adapter