Perfecxa Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Model no. VHS 220

No more hassle of measuring the right body temperature- here comes Perfecxa non-contact infrared thermometer. Even at a distance of 3-5cm from the forehead, it gives you right body temperature. The three-colours backlit LED display, auto power off, high accuracy and talking function makes Perfecxa Non-Contact Infrared thermometer a perfect choice for everyone.

Technical Specification

  • Normal Using ConditionAmbient Temperature (100C ~400C); Relative Humidity:<85%
  • DisplayLCD Screen
  • BatteriesDC 3V (2pcs batteries)
  • Package Size105x48x150(LxWxH)
  • Measuring Range
    • Body temperature mode:32.00C~42.90C (89.60F ~ 109.20F)
    • Surface temperature mode:35.00C ~ 42.00C,0.30C (95.00F ~107.60F,+0.60F)
  • Measuring principle
    • To show the body temperature by measuring the infrared thermal radiation of human body temperature
  • Measuring Accuracy
    • Within 35.00C~42.000,+ 0.20C (95.00F ~ 107.60F,+0.40F)
    • Outside 35.00C ~ 42.00C,0.30C (95.00F ~ 107.60F,+0.60F)
  • Measuring Range
    • Forehead Temperature Mode 32.00C~42.90C (89.60F ~ 109.20F)
    • Calibration Mode 00C ~ 990C (320F ~ 211.80F)
  • Operating Enviroment
    • 15.C~40C (590F ~ 1040F)
    • Humidity: <95%
    • Air Pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa
  • Measuring Distance3cm~5cm
  • Automatic Power off60Secs
Box Contents
1 Perfecxa Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Device, 2 AA Alkaline batteries, User Manual