Perfecxa kids Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Model no. VHS 280

Worried about your oxygen concentration in you kids blood, here’s the handy Perfecxa Fingertip Kids Pulse Oximeter which also checks your pulse rate non-invasively through your finger whenever and wherever needed. Reliable and accurate to handle.

Ideal for Spot check, hospital and home use

Technical Specification

  • ModelVHS 280
  • SpO2
    • Measurement Range:70~99%
    • Accuracy:70~99% +2%
  • Pulse Rate
    • Range:30~240BPM
    • Accuracy:+3BPM
  • Battery Voltage
      • Lithium Battery 3.7V, Type C charging Cable
  • Use Enviroment
    • Temperature: +5C~ 40C
    • Humidity: 90%
    • Atmospheric Pressure: 700hPa, 1060hPA
Box Contents
1 Perfecxa Kids Fingertip Pulse Oximeter device, Type C Charging Cable, 1 User Manual