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Digital Baby Weighing Scale (For New Born, Infant and Toddler) Automatic and Touchscreen

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Description/ Highlights
After the first weigh-in at birth, baby weighing scales are then used to monitor the baby’s growth regularly and ensure that any weight loss or gain is within the norm. Ideally, babies should be weighed once a month until they are six months, and then around once every two months to ensure they are properly feeding, gaining weight and growing as expected. The lightweight and portable baby scale offer consistent foot placement and a digital height measure for taking reliable length or height measurements throughout the baby’s development. You’ll usually find baby scales on pediatric and maternity wards at hospitals, GP surgeries and neo-natal clinics. Lightweight and portable baby weighing scales are also used by midwives and other health professionals on home visits.
Technical details


Instruction for use
Place the scale on a flat, hard surface. Soft surface such as carpet will affect the
performance of the scale.

Start measurement at least two hours after Getting up or Dinning.
Avoid measurement immediately after strenuous exercise, sauna or bath, drinking, and dining.
Always start measurement in the same time slot and on the same scale located on the same flat, hard surface.
Any information provided by this scale is in no way meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness from happening. If in doubt, contact your physician.
What's inside the box

Always discuss your result with a Registered Medical Practitioner. Before using this product, carefully read the manual. Do not take any medical decision without consulting a doctor.