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Perfecxa Nebulizer Piston Compressor with Free 4 Air Filters

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1N Nebulizer Machine, 1N Adult Mask, 1N Child Mask, 1N UserManual, 1N Warranty Card, 4N Filters

Description/ Highlights

Nebulizers spray liquid medication to the fog panel by compressing air, and form tiny particles, which flow into the throat. It comes along with a box or chamber, in which it can carry its all accessories easily. Its wire cab be easily fit back side of its body, easy to manage every attachment.

Technical details
Instruction for use
  1. Place the nebulizer machine where it can safely reach its power source and where you can reach the ON/ OFF switch.
  2. Wash your hands prior to preparing each treatment.
  3. Use a clean nebulizer kit.
  4. Measure the correct dose of medication and other solutions prescribed by your physician.
  5. Place medication into the chamber of nebulizer kit. Attached air hose between chamber and nebulizer machine
  6. Turn on the nebulizer machine.
  7. Adjust flow regulator according to your requirement Inhale and exhale naturally, be sure to stop machine when the medication is completed.

What's inside the box

1. IN Nebulizer Machine 2. IN Adult Mask 3. IN Child Mask 4. IN User Manual 5 IN Warranty Card 6. 4N Filters

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